California Trust Deed Investing

California Trust Deed Investing

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Earn 9% - 13% using Trust Deed Investments

California Trust Deed investments give you a very attractive option to traditional investment options. Trust Deed’s (TD’s) offer a higher rate of return than most investments. Currently investors are receiving 9% to 13% annually. Investment risk is comparatively low since the investment is secured with a TD lien placed against real property, and recorded with the county recorder’s office. Each property lien is insured by a Property Title Insurance Policy issued by an A-1 rated title company. Before a good investment is funded, an analysis of the investment was created to determine the degree of protective equity made available from the actual property.

TD’s produce a regular flow of income, which results from the payments created by the borrower with the property. Payments are interest only and credited monthly to each investor account. Accounting records may also be given each investor payment.

HBS Finance is fully licensed from the California Department of Property. You can expect loans known as “hard money” or as “equity only” for commercial income producing properties. Our loans are considered outside of the conventional banking system. Loans are funded by private investors seeking to diversify and strengthen their domain portfolios. Trust Deeds offer:

-    Attractive return - current rates of interest are 9% to 13%

-    Short investment commitment, between 1 to 3 years

-    Less risk - each investment is protected from the property equity

-    Greater Stability - fixed interest payments do not experience market fluctuations

Bridge Loans

Brief Introduction to the Equity / Hard Money Process

The following is a quick summary of the “hard money / equity only” lending process.

-    Property owners inquire seeking a commercial real estate loan

-    All client and property facts are processed by HBS Finance. Property evaluations are determined by an industrial real estate appraisal done by an independent, licensed and experienced appraiser. Occasionally when dealing with suprisingly low loan-to-values an appraisal will never be made if it is determined that the property posseses an abundance of collateral value.

-    All requests for loans are carefully afflicted by a well organized research process. Additional property could be requested to pledge as collateral. Even though measured equity inside the property is the top credit consideration, each applicant’s credit is screened and FICO’s are determined.

-    Once it really is determined how the loan request meets our criteria, contact is produced with investors and so they review the specifics of the proposal.

-    Loan escrow is opened, title searches are carried out, title policies are ordered and loan documents are placed into escrow for signing, the borrowed funds is funded, TD’s are recorded with the County Recorder’s office, final title plans are received.

-    Borrowers make monthly premiums to HBS Finance, and funds are given to each investor.


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